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Online certification: Entry in the commercial register

In this article you will learn

  • What the Company Register is
  • Who must be registered in the company register
  • How you can complete this registration conveniently and online today.

What is the company register?

At Company register is a directory that can be viewed by anyone. This directory contains information about companies. For example, the company's registered office, the ownership structure, the company's managing directors, etc. This means that anyone can obtain information that may be important for doing business with this company.

Who must be registered in the company register?

All partnerships and corporations must be registered in the commercial register. This includes

In addition, sole proprietorships must also be registered if they
a) a turnover of EUR 1,000,000 or more is achieved in a business year; or
b) A turnover of EUR 700,000 or more is generated in each of two consecutive business years.

First of all, the foundation of the company must be entered. In addition, the deletion of a company must always be entered in the commercial register if the company is dissolved. In addition, an entry must be made in the company register if important information about the company changes. This includes, for example:

  • The Order of a new managing director or the dismissal.
  • The Change of address of the company.
  • The amendment of a GmbH partnership agreement

Practical implementation of the registration in the company register

As a rule, an application for registration in the companies register must be certified (cf. § 11 para. 1 UGB). Specifically, the signature on the company register application is notarised. Such a Signature Notarization by a notary can also be done conveniently online via notarity. You can find out more about this here.

The certification of the electronic signature on the application is done in a video call with a notary. The process can be completed online in a few minutes. Appointments are available flexibly and at short notice.

Our partner notaries will then also be happy to take care of the processing with the company register. Alternatively, this can also be done by your lawyer.

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