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You can have signatures notarized easily and digitally via notarity. The authentication of signatures takes place in an online procedure via video chat. The signatures are notarized by partner notaries from Austria. The documents with the notarized signatures can be used in many European countries without an apostille. You can find a detailed list of the countries of use here. here.

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Simple, fast and straightforward.

Have your signature notarized in an online procedure.
In Austria, according to section 90a NO, the certification of signatures may be carried out in an online procedure.
Notarise your signature from anywhere in the world and use the documents all over the world.



Legally compliant

Which signatures can I have notarized via notarity?


Signatures can be notarized on a large number of documents via notarity. The notarization of signatures is carried out on the web platform by our partner notaries. The examples given are not exhaustive - many use cases are conceivable.


The incorporation of GmbHs is also possible via notarity. A notarial deed is required for the incorporation of a GmbH. 

Notarize your signature on an entry to the company register.

Real Estate

Notarize your signature on a real estate purchase contract. It is also possible to have one part sign digitally and one part sign analogue. 

Notarize your signature digitally on a pledge deed. We recommend that you also discuss this process with the financing bank.

If you are not sure whether your notarization can be processed online, please contact us, here.

Online notarial service in three easy steps

How it works

Make an appointment

For an online notarization of a power of attorney, you can book an appointment with a notary partner of notarity.


If you do not yet have a user account on notarity, you must go through a video identification procedure. Each user is issued with a qualified electronic signature during the video identification process.

Digital appointment

At the scheduled time, you meet the partner notary on the web platform in a video chat. The power of attorney is then signed using the qualified electronic signature. The digital notarization appointment takes about two minutes.

SSL encryption

All data on the platform is encrypted according to high data protection and security standards.

Data protection compliant

We treat your data strictly confidential according to the requirements of the GDPR. All data is processed on servers in the EU.

Qualified electronic signatures

Qualified electronic signatures in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation.

Legally compliant

The procedure fulfils all legal requirements, in particular those of the notarial code.

Notarization of powers of attorney

Have your power of attorney (PoA) notarized now at a fixed price.

Book a flexible appointment for the notarization of a power of attorney with one of our partner notaries and have a power of attorney notarized online in just a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions


notarity has a network of Austrian partner notaries. Our partner notaries are experienced and trained in the use of notarity and digital services. 

The costs for the notarization of a signature vary and usually depend on the value of the document. We will be happy to help you obtain a quote for the notarization of a signature from a partner notary. 

If you do not want to use a notarized document in Austria, please clarify in advance with your legal advisor whether the use of the digitally notarized document is permissible in the respective country. Austria has bilateral agreements with the following countries which make an apostille redundant.  

Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary.

For use in other countries, notarity can obtain an apostille on the notarized document.

In principle, yes. The offer from notarity only covers the technical processing of the appointment. Under no circumstances can we prepare the necessary documents. If you do not yet have the documents for the notarization of your signature, we can refer you to a partner notary. They will support and advise you in the preparation of the documents.

notarity can be used by citizens of over 100 countries for online notarization. Restrictions apply to identification. You can find a detailed overview of the supported countries here.

In principle, the documents are created purely online. The documents are provided with qualified electronic signatures and can be used digitally. 

A paper certificate can also be sent by post on request.

Do you have any questions?


Send us a message and we will reply as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Book appointment now

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