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Digital company foundation: simple, secure and uncomplicated. With notarity, found a GmbH with a notary within a few minutes.

found a gmbh at any time and from anywhere

How to found your GmbH completely digitally.

A GmbH can be established with maximum flexibility via notarity. The notarial deed and the required certifications are carried out online by our partner notaries. 

GmbH foundation in just 4 steps

The foundation of a GmbH typically takes place in four steps. Start founding your GmbH right now online on notarity.

  • first stepOnline notary appointment

    Sign the required documents online with a notarity partner notary. If you do not have the documents yet, a partner notary can council you and have them drawn up.

  • second stepPayment of the cash contribution

    To effectively establish a GmbH, you must have paid at least half of the cash contribution into a business account. To open a business account you need the signed notarial deed.

  • THIRD STEPEntry in the commercial register

    As soon as you have received confirmation from your bank that the cash contribution has been paid in, the GmbH can be filed for registration in the commercial register. Our partner notaries will be happy to carry out these registrations for you.

  • FOURTH STEPBusiness registration & tax number

    The compulsory registration of a trade can be done here online. In addition, you must apply for a tax number at the responsible tax office.


GmbH foundation costs

At notarity transparent prices are very important to us. Therefore, before you decide to incorporate online, you will receive a price quote that already includes all (otherwise often hidden) costs.

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Found a gmbh online - it's easy

Would you like more information on founding a GmbH in Austria?

Austrian GmbHs are constantly being founded online. You would like to found a GmbH online? With notarity and our partner notaries, this is easy, flexible and fast. In our blog post we explain how it works. 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Establish a GmbH online
Jakobus Schuster

In Austria, GmbHs (Private Limited Company) can already be founded online. This will be possible from August 2022 in Germany as well. In this article we explain how to establish a GmbH online in Austria.

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