Change company address: this is how it works online

Wiktoria Stercula

Wiktoria Stercula

Change company address

The company has already been successfully founded and registered in the commercial register. Now you want to change the company address of your business. Depending on the case, you have to observe some regulations when doing so. In this article we explain how you can do this quickly and easily online.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE - inside or outside the political community

If the company remains in the same municipality and only the company address changes, the basic principle remains the same, regardless of whether OG, GmbH or AG.

  • Partnership (e.U., OG or KG): The liable partners must personally make this change in the commercial register. A personal signature is required for this.
  • Corporations (GmbH or AG): Managing directors/board members must personally register the change of address in the commercial register. This requires a handwritten signature, but representation is also permitted.

In both cases, this can be done via the online form "Company Register - Simplified registration of changes (→ BMJ)" can be made. A notarised signature at the notary is not necessary in this case.

If the change of seat Outside the community the articles of association must be updated or rewritten.

  • Partnerships: The change of registered office and address must be signed by all partners and reported in the commercial register. In this regard, notarial or judicial certification of the signatures is required.
  • Corporations: The relocation of the registered office and change of address must be decided at the general meeting/annual general meeting. In this case, the articles of association must be notarised by the notary public. In a further step, the signatures of the partners/shareholders must be notarised by the notary, as the articles of association change.

Registered companies (e.U.) are also obliged to report these changes in the company register. With regard to this, a distinction is also made as to whether the transfer takes place within or outside the municipality. Within the municipality, this change can also be made by a representative. Outside the municipality, this must be signed personally by the sole proprietor and this signature must be notarised or certified by a court. (§30 UGB)

Change company address online with notarity

With notarity, you can have signatures for changing the company address notarised quickly and flexibly. Our partner notaries will be happy to assist you.

The certification of signatures takes place in an online procedure via video chat. You therefore do not need to visit a notary in person.

Here you can find more information about online notarisation.


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