Online Notarization of Powers of Attorney

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Online Notarization of Powers of Attorney

Notarizing a power of attorney (PoA) online can speed up business processes by several weeks. herewe explain what a power of attorney is and what it is needed for. Since powers of attorney are usually used when the grantor cannot or does not want to be physically present, it makes a strong case for establishing a power of attorney online. In this article we explain the advantages of an online notarization of a power of attorney and how this online notarization works.

Advantages of an online PoA

The online notarization of a power of attorney has great advantages for both the grantor of the power of attorney and for legal advisors. In order to better understand these advantages, the process of issuing a power of attorney is briefly outlined in sample cases.

Example case:

Without notarity: A person in South Korea ("John") wants to incorporate a GmbH (Private Limited Company) in Austria. John does not want to fly to Austria to incorporate the company. Therefore, John decides to issue a power of attorney to his lawyer for the incorporation of a GmbH (Private Limited Company). Such a power of attorney must be notarized. As a result, John makes an appointment with a notary in South Korea and waits one week for this appointment. After his signature on the power of attorney has been notarized, John makes an appointment with the Austrian embassy in Seoul. He receives an appointment in 3 weeks and goes to the embassy to have the notarized power of attorney apostilled. Afterwards, he sends the notarized and apostilled power of attorney by mail to Austria. Six weeks later the GmbH (Private Limited Company) can be incorporated.

With notarity: John's lawyer is an innovative legal advisor who values an innovative service that saves her clients time & money. She therefore suggests John to have the power of attorney digitally notarized via notarity. She books a digital appointment for the notarization of a power of attorney with a partner notary of notarity. John connects with the partner notary on notarity in a video call. The notarization of the power of attorney is done in one minute. The digital original is available shortly after the appointment and the GmbH (Private Limited Company) can be incorporated in Austria.

Here you can easily book an appointment to notarize a power of attorney

Online notarised power of attorney for international use

Not all countries worldwide provide procedures for having powers of attorney notarised online. However, powers of attorney notarised via notarity can be used internationally. notarity has a network of partner notary's offices in several countries. Our partner notary's offices and we know exactly what is important when using powers of attorney internationally. If you require an apostille, we will be happy to obtain one for you. The apostille can be obtained shortly after the online notary appointment - usually within a few minutes.


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