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Our digital services empower your company to save costs, optimize resources & enhance operational efficiency. Our partner notaries notarise all your documents fully online. notarity will help you to revolutionise your notarisation process and streamline your legal formalities. 

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With notarity no geographical barriers slow you down. Get your documents notarised remotely and without delays by our partner notaries. No matter where in the world you are.

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Effortlessly manage complex legal tasks across borders with notarity. Our platform facilitates secure, fast, and cost-effective online notarisation for your global teams, eliminating the need for physical appointments and extensive paperwork. Enhance your operational efficiency and ensure compliance with notarity's innovative digital solutions, designed to streamline legal workflows.

All-in-one Solution
From scheduling an appointment to signing the documents and receiving your notarised documents with an apostille just seconds after the notary appointment.
Cost & Time Optimisation
Cut administrative costs by up to 90% with our online service and free up your team's time for what really matters.
Operational Efficiency
Don't let geographical barriers slow you down. Get your documents notarised remotely and without delays by our partner notaries.
Business Continuity
Keep your business running smoothly no matter where you are. Our digital solution ensures business continuity and agility. Stay ahead in today's fast-paced world.

International Services

Our international partner notaries offer a wide range of online notarial services tailored to the diverse needs of internationally active companies. Our platform ensures secure, efficient and legally compliant notarial processes and helps companies to manage complex legal tasks seamlessly across borders. Below you will find an overview of the most important services offered by our partner notaries and how your company can benefit from them.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants one person (the agent or attorney-in-fact) the authority to act on behalf of another person (the principal) in legal or financial matters. Businesses often use POAs to authorise individuals to make decisions, sign documents, and handle transactions on behalf of the company. This is particularly useful in scenarios where executives or key decision-makers are unavailable or when dealing with international transactions requiring local representation.

Power of Attorney

Signature notarisation involves the verification of a person's signature on a document by a notary public to ensure its authenticity. This service is crucial for contracts, agreements, and legal documents that require a verified signature to be legally binding. It provides assurance of the signer's identity and intent, reducing the risk of fraud in business transactions and legal commitments.

Signature Notarisations

An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, used as evidence in legal proceedings. Affidavits are commonly required in court cases, legal disputes, or business transactions where a formal statement of facts is needed. They are essential for validating claims, confirming identity, or providing a sworn testimony without the need for in-person court appearances.


A certified true copy is a copy of an original document (such as an ID or passport) that has been verified and certified as a true copy by a notary public. Certified true copies are often required for visa applications, banking, real estate transactions, and other official processes where proof of identity or documentation is necessary. This service ensures the authenticity of critical identification documents, facilitating smoother international dealings.

Certified True Copy (for ID and Passport)


How it works

Simply book a notary appointment online, register on our platform, have your notary appointment via a secure video call, and receive your digitally notarised documents if needed with an apostille seconds after the session ends.

Book an appointment

Choose the service you need, select a convenient date and time, and book your appointment.

Upload the documents that need to be notarised; if you need assistance drafting the documents, our partner notaries are ready to help.

Create an Account

Just confirm your email address and create a notarity account. Your documents and transaction details will be securely stored in your account, where you can also schedule future appointments and download your notarised documents after the notary session.

Verify your Identity

notarity uses identification verification technology to ensure a secure transaction. In order to sign on notarity, you must create an account on notarity and verify your identity. To do this, you can identify using ID Austria or alternatively through a video identification process on notarity. For the video identification, you will need an identification document, a smartphone, and about 15 minutes of time.

Online Appointment & notarised documents

At the scheduled time, join the appointment by clicking the "Join Appointment" button in your appointment details. You will be connected to your notary via a secure video conference, where they will verify your identity and guide you through signing the necessary documents.

Once the appointment is complete, you can view and download your notarised documents anytime directly from the notarity platform.


Our satisfied customers who rely on notarity for seamless, secure, and professional online notarization services. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with us.

Frequently asked questions

During online notary appointments, documents are notarized electronically via a secure video conference with one of our partner notaries. You simply select the desired service, book an appointment and upload the required documents. During the scheduled video call, the notary will verify your identity and notarize your signature. After the meeting, your notarized documents are immediately available for download on the notarity platform.

The laws regarding the notarisation are different in each jurisdiction so the range of documents that can be notarised remotely will vary, depending on the country in which the notary is commissioned. If you have doubts whether your document can be notarised remotely, please let us know what you need at [email protected].kontaktieren Sie uns bitte jederzeit unter [email protected].

notarity employs advanced security measures, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure video conferencing, to ensure the notarisation process is both secure and compliant with legal standards.

Our partner notaries offer a wide range of notarial services, including powers of attorney, affidavits, signature notarisations and certified copies of IDs and passports. Whether you need to notarise documents for legal, financial or personal purposes, our platform can work with our partner notaries to make the process efficient and secure.

The online notarisation process with notarity is designed to be quick and efficient. Typically, the entire process takes about 15 minutes. This includes the initial setup, identity verification, and the notarisation itself. Once the session is complete, your notarised documents are available for immediate download.

Sofern Sie Ihre Identität bereits verifiziert haben, dauert ein online Beglaubigungstermin bei unseren Partner-Notariaten in der Regel wenige Minuten.

After your notary appointment is completed, you can access your notarised documents directly from your notarity account. Simply log in to your account, navigate to your document storage, and you will be able to view and download your notarised documents anytime. This ensures you have easy and secure access to your important documents whenever you need them.

If you require a hard copy version of your documents, we will be happy to send them to an address of your choice. You can specify this during the booking process.

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