What do I need to have a power of attorney notarized for?

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Certify picture with powers of attorney?

What is a power of attorney? What do I need it for? When do I need to have a power of attorney notarised? In this blog post we explain what powers of attorney are, what they are used for and when they need to be notarised.

What is a power of attorney?

Powers of attorney are also often referred to as Power of Attorney (PoA). With a power of attorney, I can authorise someone to conclude contracts on my behalf. This is particularly useful if I do not have time to be present when a contract is concluded. I can issue a power of attorney for almost any business. For example, I can authorise someone to set up a limited liability company in my name. Or to sign the purchase contract for a property. There are only a few exceptions where a power of attorney cannot be used. These are so-called highly personal legal transactions. This is, for example, the conclusion of a marriage. (§1008 ABGB)

Notarial certification of a power of attorney

In principle, a power of attorney can be established without any formalities. Even orally. In some cases, a written power of attorney is necessary. The most secure form of a power of attorney is the notarial certification of the signature. As a rule, a notarially certified power of attorney is always required if it is granted in order to sign contracts with a notary. If, for example, I need a power of attorney to establish a limited liability company, it must be notarised.

Online Notarization of Powers of Attorney

The certification of powers of attorney can be carried out on notarity completely digitally. No matter where you are in the world. Here you can find more information on how to have powers of attorney digitally certified. A power of attorney certified online on notarity can be used in 21 European countries - without an apostille. Citizens of more than 100 countries can be onboarded for the online certification of powers of attorney. All identity documents are accepted for this purpose that are here listed, even if the countries do not participate in Prado. You can conveniently make an appointment online today to notarise a power of attorney online.


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