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Notarial deeds can easily be drawn up online

With notarity, notarial deeds can be established completely online with our partner notaries.
No matter where you are in the world.

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With notarity, you can create notarial acts easily and digitally. The entire process takes place digitally. You are connected with a partner notary in a video chat and sign the notarial deed digitally. The notarial acts are drawn up by partner notaries from Austria.

Overview of the online notarial deed


The price for the notarial deed depends on the exact transaction, the value of the object as well as the scope of the notarial deed and any other services provided by our partner notaries. Here you are welcome to enquire about the costs without obligation.

Documents required

You need the deed that you want to draw up as a notarial deed.

If you wish, our partner notaries will be happy to assist you in drawing up these deeds.

Austrian Notarial Act

The notarial deed is drawn up by our partner notaries in accordance with Austrian law.

In principle, these notarial acts can also be used abroad in many cases. We recommend that you discuss this with a legal advisor beforehand.


All notarial acts under Austrian law can be established via notarity. Only testamentary dispositions (wills) are excluded. Here are some examples of notarial acts that can be processed online via notarity at our partner notaries' offices.

Liquidation of an Austrian GmbH
Establish your GmbH online via notarity. Our partner notaries are there for you around the clock.

How it works

Flexible online appointment booking

You book an online appointment with one of our partner notaries online. Appointments are available Mon - Fri flexibly & at short notice between 7am - 9pm Central European Time (CET). 

Register & Identify

Register on The first step is to verify your identity. For this, you need a valid passport, a mobile phone and about 15min of time.

Signature of the documents

You will meet a partner notary at the booked time. The appointment takes place on in a video call. 

In the appointment, you sign the documents with a qualified electronic signature. The signature will be issued to you during the onboarding process.

Download & Payment

After your online appointment, you can download the notarised documents. The digitally signed PDF documents are always the original documents. On request, our partner notary's offices can also send you a physical copy by post.s

Before downloading the documents, you must pay for them online. 

Frequently asked questions

Appointments for online notarisation can be booked at short notice. Our partner notaries need about one hour's notice to draw up a notarial deed. Appointments are available on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. as standard. Appointments can also be made outside these times by arrangement.

In a notarisation, the document is not read out. The notary merely confirms the identity of the signatories and that they know what they are signing and that the signature is free from coercion.

In a notarial deed, on the other hand, the entire deed is read out. The notary explains the content of the individual clauses to the parties and advises on potential risks. 

For most procedures, a notarisation is sufficient.

In principle, the original notarial deed is the PDF document that is digitally signed at the online notarial appointment. If desired, a physical copy can also be made as a paper document and sent by post to an address of your choice.

The notarial deed is generally drawn up by our partner notaries in accordance with Austrian law. 

However, it is not impossible that the notarial deed also has legal effect abroad. However, we recommend that you discuss this beforehand with a legal advisor in the respective country.

The notarial deed can be in any language. It may be necessary to call in an interpreter. We will be happy to provide an interpreter. 

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Online notarisation at our partner notaries is the easiest, fastest and most flexible way to have your power of attorney notarised. 

Things to know about the notarial deed

Here you can find out more about some of the issues relating to the notarial deed.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact form.


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