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Jakobus Schuster

Jakobus Schuster

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notarity is live in a closed beta phase. In this post we explain what that means and how you can participate.

What is a closed beta phase?

A beta version is a first version that is published by the manufacturer. Before the official launch of a software product, a beta phase is often indispensable. We can gain important insights from your feedback during the beta phase. You get the opportunity to further shape notarity according to your needs.

The beta launch is closed. Not everyone can participate. We have to unlock you for it. Contact us at [email protected].

What can I do in the beta phase?

notarity is already fully functional. Notarial services can be used with legal effect. You can therefore carry out notarisations and notarial acts digitally via notarity. Only wills cannot be drawn up. More information on digital notarial acts can be found at here.

The beta version is already user-friendly. Our first beta user says about the usability:

It was really fast and intuitive!

What do I need?

To use notarity, you have to register once in a video identification procedure. You may know this from opening a bank account. The identification process takes about 10 minutes. It is possible around the clock. A passport or identity card is required for identification. Afterwards, you can use notarial services digitally. During the identification process, you will also be issued a qualified electronic signature. You do not need an existing mobile phone signature.

We work with partner notaries who are specially trained for digital services. You want to work with a notary you know? No problem, we will upload them onto the platform.

To process the transaction, you will then need a PC or tablet with an internet connection and a smartphone. We do not yet recommend full mobile use.


Do you have questions about the beta phase of notarity? Contact us at any time at [email protected].


Do you still have questions? We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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