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Jakobus Schuster

Jakobus Schuster

CEO | Co-Founder

The Covid 19 pandemic despite all its negative aspects was a driver of innovation in many fields. As a result, many processes were digitised almost overnight. Something similar can be said about Austrian notary services: In spring 2020, the possibilities were created for remote online notarization. Meaning almost all notarial deeds can be drawn up digitally. Thus, the online visit to the notary has become a reality.

This means that notarial services can be used from anywhere and at any time. 100% legally compliant and 100% digital. Travel routes to notaries or from notaries are no longer necessary. Thus, clients are able save valuable time and money. 

How remote online notarization works

Basically, the same rules apply to digital notarial acts as in the analog world. In addition, there are special rules concerning the remote online notarization. 

First of all, there is the identification of the parties. It is a legal requirement that identification must take place by means of special video identification procedures. Many people are already familiar with such procedures from opening an online bank account. In the future, identification by means of an E-ID will also be possible. 

The appointment must then take place in a video conference in which both parties, the notary and the client are present. Furthermore, the documents are signed by the parties using an electronic signature. Notarized documents are genuinely electronic. 

notarity - the web platform for online notarial services

notarity offers the most user-friendly platform for turning digital notarial services into reality. Going to the notary's office digitally should be as easy as ordering a pizza for everyone involved. Therefore, we make it possible for everyone to go to the notary remotely. Here you can easily make an online appointment with a notary. Here you can easily arrange an online appointment with a notary.

Clients are onboarded once on the platform by means of video identification and can then use an unlimited number of notarial services. notarity offers all the functions required for cooperation between notaries and their clients on a web platform - at any time & from anywhere. If you are interested in a test and demo version before then, please contact us ([email protected]).

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