Will I receive a paper certificate?

In principle, the digital documents are the original documents. If you wish, you can also receive a paper document.

The documents that are signed in the appointment are all available as PDF documents after the appointment. The documents are marked with qualified electronic signatures signed. Both the parties and the notary sign the document with a qualified electronic signature. The digital documents are the original documents and can also be used in this way at the company register and land registry courts.

If desired, a notarized copy of the digital original can also be produced by the partner notary's office. This physical copy is then also sewn by the partner notary's office, signed and provided with the notary's pyhsic stamp. For use abroad, such a notarized copy is sometimes factually required. A notarized copy must also be produced in order to obtain an apostille.

If you would like a notarized copy, please inform the partner notary's office.

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