From the Yogaloft into the world: We are the founders of notarity!

Alexander Gugler

Alexander Gugler

COO/CFO | Co-Founder

From left to right: Alexander Gugler, Jakobus Schuster, Sebastian Wodniansky and Max Pointinger.
© Photo: Alexander Schindler

At the beginning of the year, we launched the first user-friendly platform for digital notarial acts (Remote Online Notaritations) for the German-speaking market. Together with our partner notaries, we are helping the digital notarial act to achieve a breakthrough. However, the notarial act is hopefully only the beginning of a legal tech success story. We have come to modernize the legal services industry worldwide and we still have a lot to do. In this blog post, you'll learn more about our vision, our journey so far, and the minds behind notarity.  

The way legal services are provided often does not yet fully exploit the potential of digitization. notarity started as a project to more strongly realize the opportunities of digital possibilities in modern legal advice. The vision of the founders is that everyone should be able to access high-quality legal services easily, cost-transparently, and independent of time and location. In order to make this vision a reality, digital products are being developed that solve real problems and for which the time is right. 

The establishment of the platform notarity, on which it is possible to cooperate with notary at any time and from anywhere, is the first product of the founders on the way to realizing their vision. In Austria, it has been possible since 2020 to establish almost all notarial deeds digitally (you can find out how this works here): In the development of the notarity platform, lean development is lived and is not just an empty buzzword. This means, in particular, early and continuous feedback and testing with notaries and their clients. Only in this way can we ensure that we develop a product that satisfies the needs of both sides. Our ambition is that the processing of a digital notarial act is no more difficult than ordering a pizza. In the future, the platform will be enriched with numerous useful features and open up to other fields of application - even beyond the notary's office.

Founding history

It all started during a kayaking weekend together on the Salza River in the summer of 2020. Frustrated by his own experiences in practice, Jakobus was hell-bent on no longer standing by but rather actively participating in the digitization of the legal services industry. Alexander's ears were open to him. The conviction quickly matured to stop complaining and do something himself. 

In the weeks that followed, we pitched a few ideas to each other and it quickly became clear that the time was ideal to implement notarity. A few weeks later we already moved into our first office: a yoga studio in Vienna Neubau that had been closed due to the second Corona lockdown. There we created the first sketches of the platform and the business model. Around the turn of the year 2020/21, Max and Sebastian could finally be won as comrades-in-arms and thus all core competencies were bundled in the team. 

With a detour via a music institute, we are now at home in the 9th district of Vienna. We share the office space with our development partner, &amp GmbH ( In this creative and innovative location, we have the ideal conditions to optimally advance the further development of the legal services industry.

notarity founder in profile

The notarity founding team consists of software developers, lawyers and business economists. The team thus includes all core competencies required for the successful implementation of the projects. We are willing and able to make the legal services market more innovative in the long term. Not diverse enough? We think so as well! You can read more about this in upcoming blogposts.

notarity in a nutshell

notarity, the Viennese legal tech start-up, is making the digital notarial act a success story together with its partner notaries. Founded only in the summer of 2021 by software developers, lawyers and business economists, the young company has developed a web platform for digital notarial services that maps the entire process for the digital creation of notarial deeds. Notary appointments can thus be made at any time and from anywhere. The vision is to make going to the notary as easy as ordering a pizza. notarity is currently available as a beta version.


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