Digital real estate transactions with PROPUP and notarity

Jakobus Schuster

Jakobus Schuster

CEO | Co-Founder
notarity x PROPUP

notarity meets PROPUP. PROPUP digitises real estate transactions. The digital visit to the notary is carried out in cooperation with notarity.

PROPUP is a real estate transaction platform that enables real estate marketers to process their clients' real estate transactions completely digitally. The platform connects all relevant actors in a real estate transaction to create more efficiency, transparency and fairness. Step by step, PROPUP builds functionality that brings the individual steps in a real estate transaction into the digital world.

One of the steps in the digital real estate transaction is a visit to a notary. A notarial formal requirement for the transfer of a property exists in almost every jurisdiction. In Austria, for example, the purchase contract for a property must be notarised. On notarity, it is possible to implement this notarial certification digitally and efficiently.

PROPUP and notarity share the vision of being able to map analogue processes digitally and efficiently. PROPUP users can now make their digital notary appointment with just a few clicks. The notarisation of the documents is then handled professionally and completely digitally by a partner notary from notarity. An important piece of the puzzle on the way to completely digital real estate transactions.


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