Digital fundraising with notarity

Online certifications for all your fund company needs

With our partner notaries, certifications and notarial acts of all kinds can be processed online. Via notarity, you can both digitally design your own notarial formal requirements and digitise your investor onboarding.

Advantages of digital notary appointments


The authorised signatories in your company can attend notary appointments flexibly at any location. Whether from the home office, on a business trip or on holiday.

Digital certificates

The documents are genuinely electronic and as such fit seamlessly into their digital processes.

Time saving

Save 90% and more (also for notary appointments in the same city) of time for the fulfilment of notarial formal requirements.
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Digital Limited Partner Onboarding

We have developed a free product especially for funds that allows you to exploit the full potential of notarity. With the personalised booking links, you can present yourself to your investors in a modern way. We would be happy to present this offer to you personally in a joint meeting and show you all the advantages of notarity.

LP Onboarding Solution

Fast & Flexible

Obtain the required authentications of your LPs in a few minutes instead of several weeks. No matter where in the world your LPs are located.

Own booking page

Organise your LP onboarding with a personalised booking page that you send to your LPs. Offer your LPs a modern and time-saving service.

Reduction of your effort

Reduce your administrative burden of getting your LPs certified by 90%.

Digital documents

Receive notarially executed deeds reliably on the same day in digital form.

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We would like to learn more about your needs in fulfilling notarial formal requirements. Together we can find a way to digitise them and make them more efficient. Make an appointment now for a free consultation.

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