Cost savings through process optimisation

Online certifications for banks

Let the authorised signatories in your bank digitally sign documents and have them certified by our partner notaries. We help you to digitise all your processes around the certification of documents.

Use cases for banks

There are many authentication requirements in a lending bank. These concern in many cases:

  • The certification of pledge documents
  • The certification of deletion notes

Digitise these and all other cases with our innovative offer. Save a lot of effort in the processing of certifications.

Your advantages

Why use notarity?

We have developed an offer that is perfectly tailored to a bank's document authentication needs. Some advantages include:

Locally flexible

The authorised signatories in your company can attend notary appointments flexibly at any location. Whether from the home office, on a business trip or on holiday.

Cost saving

The documents are genuinely electronic. Save costs for archiving physical documents.

Digital total solution

Notarity also allows your bank's customers to sign pledge certificates digitally, easily and flexibly. We offer a complete digital solution for which your customers' authentication requirements can also be seamlessly integrated.

Time saving

Sign hundreds of documents in seconds using batch signatures.

Smooth processes through interface automation

Via interfaces, documents to be signed can be transferred directly to notarity and certified documents are automatically returned to the bank's system. It is no longer necessary to run errands or send documents by post or e-mail.

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